Kyle Samera

Why I'm building a Linktree for realtors

As my first project of 5 different micro-saas businesses in 2023, I settled on, a link in bio tool for realtors.

There are two main reasons why...

1. Linktree isn't made for realtors

Linktree is great for online creators, but it's focus ends there. Sure you can provide links with tiny thumbnails to your latest listings but the output will look far from professional, visually confusing and dare I say, ugly, to your visitor. Different content should be constructed differently, even if it's a link in bio, to give users a clue about what they are clicking on. That's just good UI that Linktree lacks when realtors want to show listings, contact buttons, reviews, etc.

2. Digital business cards need a refresh

One of many tools in the realtor toolkit nowadays is a digital business card. These were tools that came out before Linktree that served as standalone sites to that visitors could quickly save and download the agent's contact information to their phone. Unfortunately, digital business cards haven't been refreshed for about 15 years and still stand with the same design options that they had when they started. Not only that, but many charge an expensive set-up fee, along with a recurring subscription with little options for total customization that a no-code builder like Taphome could do.

Moving forward

In the next two weeks I'll be pushing to get signups on my waitlist and seeing if there's a real need like my theory suggests. Fingers crossed tbh. I've already got some ideas for generating a solid launch list but will probably be throwing shit at the wall (in normal indiehacker fashion) to see what actually works here.