Kyle Samera

The Snowball Effect

This past month has been good.

In May, I was feeling a bit stagnant.

We had just gotten back from staying in Austin for 2.5 weeks (trying out living in the south) and I was a tad beaten down by the fact my latest tool was at risk of becoming totally useless. Thanks Reddit. Platform risk is real y'all.

And so, I needed a small win. And when I say small, I mean really small. Mini actually.

So I sold a mini fridge I had been meaning to get rid of on Facebook marketplace. $40 richer that day.

I thought, dang, if I can get 50 queries for a mini fridge on FB marketplace, maybe I could sell some of my projects.

The thought hadn't really crossed my mind prior, but I thought that it's worth a shot, so I listed two smaller websites I had that I had lost steam with that, honestly, deserved new owners who could carry out the visions.

Within hours, I had tens of meetings set up, ready to sell. A few days later a couple of LOIs and finally the asset purchase agreements ready to sign.

It doesn't stop there though, I'm working on turning over my rental property (finally) after a few month vacancy. Plus, I've got two other SaaS tools in the pipeline just this month alone.

This is The Snowball Effect. Momentum is everything and it's very real. Once you're on a roll working out, it's that much harder to stop. Same with work. If the going's good, keep in motion and the wins will compound.

I don't want to go back to stagnancy but I also know it's inevitable--that's just how it goes. And when I'm back there I also guarantee I'll forget all about this post and how it just takes one small win and some consistency to compound your success. I'll curse how naive I was to write this and that it's not that simple. But really, that's it. Stick to it.