Kyle Samera

I'm hyper-bullish on SaaS for SaaS

Last year, I built 5 different apps and all of them used the same stack. Each of them was running at minimum...

The services stack was the bare bones I needed to get everything off the ground and running. Monthly, I was spending on average about $75 per project on these services, not including Stripe transaction fees.

So let's take Mailjet for instance. I had 5 accounts with them, all spending varying amounts per month based on the amount of contacts. That's 5x the amount you would have building a service that one person can use for any business they build. I.e. having one Semrush subscription and using it for all 5 of your businesses.

Dev experiences have gotten so good with modern frameworks that what used to take 10 engineers a year to build takes 1 engineer a month to build. I'm talking full-stack SaaS with all the bells and whistles, billing and payment, authentication, etc.

It's a thing of beauty really, and also has created a lot more competition for entrepreneurs building apps.

But, if you're Mailjet, you're absolutely cashing in on this. So are Supabase, Vercel, Stripe, and any other service that is building SaaS for SaaS.

I'm hyper-bullish on SaaS for SaaS.